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Pet Ashes at Sea

Burials at Sea are pleased to announce that following the Sunday Times Article in September 2015 and our research we have decided to offer a new service on the Solent* – the disposal of Pets Cremated Ashes We feel that by offering this additional service it is a natural extension of our boat services for families who wish to fulfil the wishes of their departed loved ones including their “loved” pets.

We are offering three options:

Exclusive family charters ( see destination locations map) * for private family scattering of ashes of their Pet Shared Charters with other families wishing to scatter the ashes of your beloved Pet Non attended scattering of Pet’s ashes – photographic record provided

Pets Ashes Charter Prices*

*Pets Ashes Charter Prices are the same as other Ashes Charters

We also provide a location certificate of all Ashes Scattering Ceremonies

General Information on Cremating Pets Ashes

There are a limited number of licensed (dedicated) pet crematorium in the U. There are a limited number (as they require specific planning permission) to allow the scattering of pet owners’ ashes alongside their pets usually Gardens of Remembrance and Natural Woodland. Many people have a wish to have their pet’s ashes scattered or buried alongside them when they die. Sadly, many owners are unaware that this is not currently possible due to deceased pets being classed differently to humans by the government.

Why can’t I scatter my pet’s ashes at a human cemetery or crematorium?

There are both legislative and practical reasons why human sites will not accept pet ashes. In the UK, unless a human cemetery or crematorium is separately licensed by the Environment Agency as a pet cemetery, they cannot allow the scattering or burial of pet ashes on their land. It is also illegal for a pet’s ashes to be placed in an owner’s coffin prior to burial or cremation.

Placing pet ashes in a human coffin can pose a practical problem. If the person being cremated had ashes from several of their pets put in their coffin prior to cremation, the human crematorium would be left with far more ashes than they were expecting. This is because pet ashes do not decrease in size if they are re-cremated. When you combine all the pet and human ashes that are left it could mean the crematorium wouldn’t have a casket big enough to fit them all in.

Ashes Scattering at Sea

There are no legislative reasons affecting having Pets Ashes Scattered at Sea either at the same time as their owners Ashes are scattered or on a separate occasion.

We are recommend using for both human and Pets Ashes using bio degradable bio urns for many practical reasons. We have found from experience Bio Urns add to the occasion and add to the experience of your time at sea.

Ring / Email and we would be happy to tailor the day to your personal requirements

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