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How much does a funeral cost in the UK today?

SunLife's Cost of Dying Report shows that the average cost of a UK funeral in 2019 was 4,417.

It also shows that the total cost of dying in 2019 was 9,493. (This includes the funeral, plus extras like the send-off and professional fees). That's an all-time high.

In fact, since we started our yearly Cost of Dying Report in 2004, prices have been steadily increasing. And these costs look set to keep going up.

Read on for more about UK funeral prices, how they could affect you, and how you can plan ahead to help cover these costs.

A burial is still the most expensive send-off, and direct cremation is still the most affordable option. (The cost of a direct cremation is actually down from 2018, when it would have set you back 1,712.)

Why are Standard funeral prices so high?

Basic funeral costsAverage cost
Funeral director's fees 2,771
Doctor's fees 164
Clergy or officiate fees 169
Cremation fees 860
Burial fees 2,288

And on top of this, there's the cost of the send-off:

Additional funeral costsAverage cost
Memorial 910
Catering 408
Limo hire 313
Venue hire 245
Flowers 184
Order sheets/service cards 88
Death notice 82
Total additional costs: 2,306

Burials / Funerals at sea can be a more cost effective way for burials, contact us for more information.

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