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Burial at Sea Delivery PARTNERSHIPS FOR Funeral Directors Llp (Burials at are an experienced and licensed boat company who will deliver your wishes to be buried at sea

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PDF - EXCUTIVE SUMMARY OF BURIALS AT SEA DELIVERY PARTNERSHIPS FOR FUNERAL DIRECTOR Llp (Burials at can deliver burials at sea for your company in support of your clients opting for this type of burial.

We have worked with most National and many Local Independent Funeral Directors in Britain. We are keen to establish new partnership relationships with independent Funeral Directors throughout the UK who wish to offer this additional green alternative Burial option for their clients.

How our “partnership” works

Funeral Director
As the Funeral Director appointed you should proceed in your normal professional way with your client’s arrangements following notification of the death – additionally you will need to provide us with email copies of the following:

Mamarine (Burials at
On receipt of these documents we will commence the Marine Management Organisations (MMO) online process of obtaining the Licence for your client’s burial at sea.

We will liaise with you to arrange the date for the Burial at Sea and resolve any logistical issues (Weather forecasts, licences, catering requirements (pre and post the burial at sea) and arrange the number of family members/friends wishing to accompany their loved one on their final journey).

Funeral Director
Your role will be to deliver the deceased in the MMO specified casket to our vessel for burial at Sea on the agreed day and time for the burial at sea.

Mamarine (Burials at ) – delivery of the burial at sea
We will assume full responsibility for carrying out MMO Licence requirements once the casket has been placed aboard our chosen vessel. We will charter sufficient vessels to deal with any additional passengers wishing to accompany their loved one on this final journey.

MMO Designated Burial at Sea Sites (England)

There are three burial at sea sites around the English Coast:

Additionally there are two designated sites in Scotland (off John O’Groats and off Oban West Coast)

The Needles MMO Designated Site
Mamarine (Burials at usually use the site off The Needles Isle of Wight but can arrange the other sites if required - these can attract a fuel or different vessel hire supplements. MMO are prepared to look at non designated sites but this is a lengthy process and time may preclude this being investigated if death has occurred.

Departure Point for Burials at Sea using the Needles designated Burial area

Burial at Sea Certificate
Following the Burial at Sea Mamarine (Burials at provide a location certificate for the Funeral Director to present to the family. The certificate shows the exact location that the deceased was buried at sea with the Funeral Directors Logo displayed.

About Mamarine (Burials at 07721978053
We are also a family business who offer an experienced approach to Burials at Sea using our own Italian Motor Cruiser – additional vessels are available for the difficult and heavier caskets (they may incur a supplement based on the additional costs involved)

We are keen to develop a joint marketing approach to Burials as Sea and the Scattering of Ashes at Sea charters including the displaying of our images on your own web site. We offer a personalized and supportive service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – year round (answer service) and we seek to support and complement your approach to bereaved families - Ring John 07721978053

I recently took part in a BBC Radio 4 Program presented by Dame Joan Bakewell
“We Need to Talk About Death” - Series 2, Bury Me at Sea, Episode 3 - @bbcradio4

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  • Burial-at-sea services are available at many different locations and with many different customs, either by ship or by aircraft. Usually the captain of the ship or aircraft or a religious representative

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