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Religious Burials at Sea

Ashes Scattering and the Law

There are no explicit regulations or legislation in Great Britain that restricts the disposing of human cremated ashes. They can be scattered or buried in land that you own ie your garden or on land where you have obtained permission of the land owner. Similarly Ashes Scattered at Sea do not require a licence or permission, it is expected that any scattering will be discrete so as not to cause offence or inconvenience to the other water users and the public at large

There are no explicit laws covering the scattering Ashes in UK


Ashes Scattered in your own garden 

Your house or garden may not always be in the family’s possession so future generations may not be able to gain access to pay their respects.

Family plot or grave

Scattering of Ashes (or burial of the ashes) on a family plot or grave may be a last wish of a person but no all all Crematories allow this. Do seek permission first.

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  • Burial-at-sea services are available at many different locations and with many different customs, either by ship or by aircraft. Usually the captain of the ship or aircraft or a religious representative

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